Wednesday, November 26, 2008

SEO Press Release Distribution


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the name of the game as far as any business on the Internet is concerned. Most websites are visited through searches on engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo Search. It makes sense, then, to draft online press releases for your website or blog that are search engine optimized. After all, this is how you are likely to achieve a high degree of promotion. An SEO Press Release ensures that your website’s link is returned on a large number of relevant searches, which generally translates to greater traffic.


A SEO PR is essentially characterized by:
  1. Strategic use of keywords and phrases.
  2. Link building to enhance one-way traffic.
  3. Techniques to increase page rank on search engines like Google.
When expertly done, by professional agencies for example, SEO drastically augments the promotion-value of your PR. Not only does it feature on more web searches, its content becomes more appealing to people from the media, who are ultimately the desired recipients of the press release.


All said and done, finding the right press release distribution service on the net can turn out to be a major hassle. However, you needn’t worry. You should be fine as long as you remember these guidelines:
  1. Don’t pay for distribution of your Search Engine Optimization Press Release, unless special guarantees are made to you by the service. These may include assurances of reaching out to the best magazines and newspapers.
  2. Read online reviews for such services before employing them.
  3. Look for people who have already used such services. Preferably those who have been using one for a long time. This service is likely to be reliable.
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